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Trap for monitoring stored product insects in warehouse

The invention disclosed in this application relates to a device for detecting stored grain insects in bagstacks which comprises a main hollow tube having a diameter in the range of 1.8 to 2.0 cm with equispaced perforation in the range of 1.8 to 2 mm on its upper portion with a bend at one end which ends in a transparent collection unit to collect the insects falling down from the bend, the other end of main tube being closed.


Advantages of the invention


  1. The device is useful in detecting stored grain insects in bag stacks of the food.grain warehouses without any damage to sacks.

  2. The device does not required any bait materials to trap insects.

  3. The device is useful in studying the distribution pattern of stored product insects in various layers of bag stacks.

  4. The device will be useful to validate the effect of fumigation by using it immediately after fumigation, in different layers of the fumigated stacks.

  5. The device will also be useful at farm level when farmers store their produce in bags.

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